Book cover featuring a painting of flowers

In Swallow Dance — a 278-page collection released on July 1, 2014 — Silver Birch Press has gathered poetry chapbooks by 14 distinguished poets from across the United States. Poets of singular and diverse expression are joined together to celebrate the written word in one voice.

The reader is treated to not just one or two poems by each author, but to a generous body of work self-contained in 14 separate and distinct chapbooks. If flight is a common language of birds, Swallow Dance is a celebration of poets on the wing.

The poets and their chapbooks featured in Swallow Dance are:

Lightning Storm by John Brantingham
All Other Time Is Peace by Kirsten Dierking
The Hollywood Catechism by Paul Fericano
Bone Box by Chris Forhan
Her Blue Dress by Jeffrey Graessley
The Democracy of Carbon by Donna Hilbert
Beach House by Ruth Moon Kempher
Four Years in Pocket Change by Steven Kuhn
Out of the Earth by Tamara Madison
Aida by Catfish McDaris
In the Garden by Carolyn Miller
Where the Stars at Night Are Big & Bright by Joan Jobe Smith
Letting Go of Ashes by Rick Smith
Wasn't Columbus a Bachelor? by Fred Voss

Swallow Dance also features paintings of birds by Japanese master Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).

Swallow Dance is available at Amazon.com.