JEZEBEL'S GOT THE BLUES … And Other Works of Imagination by Merrill Farnsworth

Book cover featuring a painting of the Biblical character Jezebel

Jezebel's Got the Blues … And Other Works of Imagination is a series of performance pieces that puts a new spin on stories from the Old Testament. In Merrill Farnsworth's inspired telling, Jezebel, Cain, Noah, Delilah, Lot's wife, and other denizens of Bible history reveal themselves as people with very modern stories to share. Jezebel and her friends are true originals — taking readers (and audiences!) on a creative, thought-provoking, insightful ride.

"Bette Davis played a haughty, headstrong Southern belle named Jezebel in the eponymous, somewhat legendary 1938 feature film. In modern usage, the name continues as a synonym for a sexually promiscuous or otherwise controlling woman. And yet, as the amazing Merrill Farnsworth — ASCAP songwriter, poet, visual artist — tells it, there must be more to this icon of seduction and evil. Farnsworth, who also happens to be a therapist, explores the Jezebel figure and her encounters with love, despair, and faith."
Martin Brady
The Nashville Scene

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is a Nashville-based writer, artist, therapist, and founder of Born among the Texas tumbleweeds, Merrill came of age reveling in the sights and sounds of Puerto Rico's Afro-Caribbean culture. The cadences of South Carolina left their mark on her, as did melodies reaching from Appalachia to the Mississippi Delta. She is a published poet and award-winning lyricist, and recently collaborated with Phil Madeira on the Americana release Mercyland. For more about Merrill and her work, or to join a writing circle, visit