GREEN: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose

Green book cover featuring four-leaf clovers

On March 1, 2013, Silver Birch Press released GREEN: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose. Featuring the work of 72 established and up-and-coming writers from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, and Africa, the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology includes poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, an author interview, memoirs, and poetic essays that touch on the theme of green in creative, fresh, and compelling ways.

With topics that include nature, money, the environment, luck, food, flavors, envy, seasons, new life, and much more, the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology is an international feast of nourishing greens.

The invitation-only anthology—dedicated to renowned British author Graham Greene (1904-1991)—features green-inspired writings from legendary authors Kurt Vonnegut (story about Eden), Philip K. Dick (tale about envy), and James Joyce (novel excerpts about Ireland).

Contributors to the 261-page, 57,000-word Silver Birch Press Green Anthology (in alphabetical order) are: Barbara Alfaro, Jena Ardell, Al Basile, L. Frank Baum, William Blake, Jane Buel Bradley, John Brantingham, Jessica Brown, Rachel Carey, Chris Davidson, Patrick Delaney, Colleen Delegan, Philip K. Dick, Barbara Eknoian, Dan Fante, Merrill Farnsworth, Joe Hakim, Syed Afzal Haider, Henry VIII, Donna Hilbert, Gaia Holmes, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Zack Hunter, Rodger Jacobs, James Joyce, Michael C. Keith, Erle Kelly, Ruth Moon Kempher, Thom Kudla, Steven Kuhn, Moriah LaChapell, LeeAnne McIlroy Langton, Ellaraine Lockie, Gerald Locklin, Amy Lowell, Sandylee Maccoby, Tamara Madison, Marc Malandra, Karen Margolis, Clint Margrave, Andrew Marvell, Daniel McGinn, Lori McGinn, Marcia Meara, Jack Micheline, Benjamin Myers, Brooke Nia, Jax NTP, Ivon Prefontaine, Jonne Rhodes, Conrad Romo, Luke Salazar, Tere Sievers, Joan Jobe Smith, Clifton Snider, Dale Sprowl, Kendall Steinle, Tate Swindell, Paul Kareem Tayyar, G. Murray Thomas, Jeri Thompson, Margaret Towner, Mary Umans, Dirk Velvet, Philip Vermaas, Melanie Villines, Kurt Vonnegut, Fred Voss, Bruce Weigl, Tim Wells, Pamela Miller Wood, Eddie Woods.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Spring, Passover, and Easter with Green: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose —available for $10.00 at A Kindle version is also available for $2.99. Also available at and on the Amazon Europe sites.