DEBT: A Novel by Rachel Carey

Book cover featuring a pretty woman walking down an urban sidewalk

Lillian Fitzgerald has made a terrible mistake.

She's gone a hundred thousand dollars into student loan debt for a Master's Degree in Creative Writing, only to discover that she might not actually be a good writer.

In an attempt to buy herself enough time to salvage her ambitious but depressing thesis novel, she accepts a part-time job doing SAT tutoring for Calvin Bolt, whose father Henry owns Bolt Bank, the very company that services her student loans.

But Lillian soon discovers that dangerous secrets underlie the wealth and power of the Bolt family, secrets that could launch Lillian onto the best seller list…if she manages to survive long enough to write about them.

In DEBT, Rachel Carey's sharp, fast-paced satire of New York during the 2008 financial meltdown, it turns out that everyone, even all-powerful billionaire Henry Bolt, is in somebody's debt.

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is a writer and filmmaker. She received an MFA in Film Directing from NYU, an M.Ed. from Harvard, and a BA in English from Yale. She currently lives with her family in New Jersey and teaches college film classes. Debt is her first novel.