by Merrill Farnsworth

Book cover featuring a painting of a woman

In May 2015, Silver Birch Press released Kissing My Shadow, a 60-page collection of poetry by Merrill Farnsworth. The book features 42 poems that chart the author's soulful sojourn from childhood onward — and has earned high praise from critics as well as readers.

Reading Merrill Farnsworth's Kissing My Shadow creates the same effect on its reader as a long, much-needed session of yoga, for within these pages exists, indeed, a yoking of mind, body, and spirit. These are poems as comfortable in the quotidian world of corn flakes, flourless chocolate cakes, and Fridgidaires as they are in the realms of Persephone, Emmaus, Gabriel, and Nirvana. Here is a poet who loves and honors the whirl…toward the sun, yet embraces just as gratefully and graciously that tumble from the sky…the singed wings…
CATHY SMITH BOWERS, Poet Laureate of North Carolina (2010-2012)

Kissing My Shadow is now available at

Cover art by Merrill Farnsworth.


has had her performance piece Jezebel's Got the Blues featured at the Southern Festival of Books, in New York City at the Puzzle New Works Festival, and other venues in the South and Northwest. Her poems and short stories can be found in various collections and anthologies. She is founder of, integrating psychology, creativity, and spirituality into her work with individuals and groups. Merrill travels nationally facilitating writing workshops and cohosts Howlin' After Dark, a series for emerging writers in Nashville's writing scene.