Book cover featuring a woodcut drawing of Charles Bukowski

Silver Birch Press is pleased to announce our latest release — the Bukowski Erasure Poetry Anthology, a collection of erasure poems based on the novels, letters, and poetry of Charles Bukowski. The 41 poets who contributed to the 108-page collection have high regard for Bukowski's work and approached this exercise with respect and even awe. So, with love and appreciation, we dedicate this collection to Charles Bukowski, who has inspired so many writers to keep writing and so many people to keep living.

Contributors include:

Suzanna Anderson
Tara R. Andrews
Beth Ayer
Jenni B. Baker
David Barker
Mary Bast
Alessandra Bava
Brinda Buljore
Kathy Burkett
Tobi Cogswell
Subhankar Das
Melissa Eleftherion
Mark Erickson
Alexis Rhone Fancher
Jeffrey Graessley
S.A. Griffin
Jack Habegger
Mark Habegger
Ara Harris
Mitch Hicks
Wm. Todd King
Laurie Kolp
Paula J. Lambert
Alexander Limarev
Karen Massey
Catfish McDaris
George McKim
DE Navarro
Kelly Nelson
Richard O'Brien
Winston Plowes
David S. Pointer
Sheikha A.
Scott Stoller
Keyna Thomas
Melanie Villines
Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Zachary Weber
Theresa Williams
Birgit Zartl
Ali Znaidi

The Charles Bukowski Erasure Poetry Anthology is now available at